Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is probably better titled rarely asked questions (RAQ) but who would actually call it that?

Who are you?

I am Kostas Pagiamtzis I provide strategic consulting and technical design services in analog IC design via Convex IC Inc.

What is analog IC design?

Convex IC Inc. is geared towards analog custom design for integrated circuits (chips) as opposed to PCB-level design. My recent expertise and experience is in the design of high-speed broadband (wireline) circuits called SerDes and associated peripheral circuits. Reaching further into the past my expertise includes memory (SRAM) and digital custom design. I specifically exclude RTL-based synthesis and associated physical design. I can advise on how to interface with digital circuits and digital teams but actual RTL-based design advise is best handled by experts in that field.

What does the name Convex IC Inc. mean?

The name stands for Convex Integrated Circuits (IC) but including the entire phrase “integrated circuits” is too long a name for a company. The convex part is in reference to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s idea of convexity; probabilistic payoffs that cost a small amount over time (like my services) but have explosive payoff (like my advice)!.

What are time durations for engagement?

I am open to limited-time and limited-scope engagements only, with one year being the absolute limit. If I can help you in an few days, a week, or a month, then I am happy to do so. I am also open to periodic or sporadic engagements. Need me for a week next month and a week in three months? No problem, as long as my schedule can accommodate it. At this time, I do not charge retainers or nor require minimum commitments.

Which companies have you worked for as an advisor?

I do not reveal client identities unless my activities with the client encompass marketing/publicity or I have specific permission. The semiconductor industry is default secretive and many clients do not want to be publicly named. You can find some information on my LinkedIn posts.